New Homes For Sale St Augustine

Find New Home Communities in the St Augustine area of Florida

new home communities st augustineSt Augustine Florida is fast becoming a hot spot for relocation because of its laid back, rural setting and proximity to Jacksonville.

Sitting in the heart of Saint Johns County, it is a very popular destination for tourists from around the world that want to visit the nation’s oldest city, and also enjoy the uncrowded, yet beautiful beaches.

What makes St Augustine unique and popular is it attracts people from all walks of life. Whether it is retired folks from the northeast looking for a comfortable yet affordable lifestyle, or families from all over the USA seeking the top school district in Florida to raise their kids, there is no doubt St Augustine is no longer a secret.

New Home Construction is Booming in Saint Johns County!

new home constructionUnderstanding the beauty, convenience and affordability of the St Augustine area, many notable builders have moved in and new home construction is very competitive.

If you are currently searching for the perfect new home in the right community you are in the right place!

Before You Begin Your New Home Search in St Augustine!

With so many different builders with homes at different price points scattered all over St Johns County you need some perspective before you start touring model homes.

Heading out and meeting builder sales agents in different communities sounds exciting, but it can become stressful and aggravating if you do not find an outside Real Estate Agent that is not associated with any builders.

Common New Home Buying Mistakes

Having a non biased Realtor that does not work for any builder allows you to search for the perfect home, in the perfect community, at the best price.

When a Builder Sales agent knows you are working with me, they will treat you differently.

Why? Because they know that I will ensure that you are seeing the right houses at the right prices, with the right upgrades. I will also keep your searches on track so when it comes time to comparing prices and amenities, you get the right answers.

The real work comes after you sign the purchase agreement and need to stay on top of all the details and timeline to the closing and move in dates. If you are moving from out of the area, you need a representative that is looking out for your best interests, not the builders.

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